Sunday, March 14, 2010

Our Excursion to Mosgiel New World, Park and Library
At last Friday 5 March has arrived. The excitement is mounting as we board the bus for our trip to Mosgiel New World, planned for children (and adults) to see behind the scenes and gain a deeper understanding
of where our food and groceries come from before they reach the supermarket shelves. this part of our focus on sustainability and healthy minds and bodies. First stop is the delicatessen where a large variety of salads, cold meats, fish and pies are available. Then it's on through the storeroom via the coolers (bbbrrrrr!!!!!) where hundreds of boxes of goods are stored. A treat awaits at the bakery - freshly baked hot cross buns for all - yummmm! Next we visit the butchery where a look through the door reveals carcasses of meat hanging from hooks - a new experience for many. Then on to fruit and vegetables and the fork lift driver shows us how the pellets of boxes are loaded and unloaded. Back at the checkout we catch up with the other group again and say thank you to Vicky and the staff before we leave. The rain holds off long enough for us to explore the playground across the
road and share morning tea before we head to the Mosgiel Library to
check out their books and toys and share a story......................while we wait for the bus which will take us back over the southern motorway to kindergarten. What a great trip and a big 'thank you' to all our parents, and friends who came to help.

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