Sunday, March 28, 2010

Gardening continues .........planting bulbs

We continue to focus on sustainability by growing our own vegetables and herbs. Over recent weeks we made mini salads with chives, parsley, lettuces and tomatoes from our garden. Bella, Toby and Tinkerbell (our guinea pigs) loved the silver beet we added to their diet. This week we dug over the garden and planted cauliflowers, celery, silver beet and also flowers. Children recall from last time that our plants need sun, water and soil to help them grow. We are also experimenting with bulb planting - hyacinths. We plant 3 in pottles of soil and keep them on the verandah. The other 2 are planted in special bulb growing jars, with just water. They are put into a dark cupboard for a few weeks. This 'tricks' them so they think they are under the ground - the roots grow and we can see them through the glass. Then we will bring them out into the light and see what happens this space.

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