Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hello again everyone. Our worm farm which we established early last term is doing really well. The children have continued to express interest in this sustainability project. We are constantly reminded to feed our scraps to the tiger-worms so they do not miss out on morning tea too. The vege garden has done well and we hope you enjoyed your wee take-away of fresh , juicy salad for those who took some. Yum!We have continued having lots of fun in our learning and exploration of the living world. We have watched monarch butterflies emerge and fly into their natural environment. It was simply magical learning about the life cycle of the monarch butterfly as we watch them going through this process on our swan plants. We have also used our new bug catchers to look for slaters, moths, ladybirds and any insects we can find throughout our kindergarten environment. We have continued our learning through posters, books and ICT too. Well from creatures with wings and lots of legs to fun times on wheels. We look forward to our wheelathon tonight. Watch this space :)

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