Sunday, November 13, 2011

Outdoor Learning ...........

What happened to the Gingerbread Men? Our classic story from last week is revisited using gingerbread people with different body parts missing .....maybe the fox was still hungry and came to kindergarten looking for some tasty treats to eat....but these are made out of cardboard! Would he have found these good to eat?  Just a few of the questions to encourage childrens use of language and imagination.  

Our cabbage tree - Ti Kouka - presents  another challenge for children as they climb up and over the branches and then down the other side. Using some extra props - boxes, ladders, ropes etc - children find their own solutions for achieving their goals.                                          
Language and literacy are all around us.   Using chalk on the safety matting children draw, play games (e.g. hopscotch) and write numbers, letters and names (their own as well as others)

Exploration of art media - this time it is hand and finger painting outside.  How is this different from being inside?
Our children discover how quickly it dries out with the sun ... and their solution for this is to add more paint or water.
This is great tactile experience and another way to learn about mixing colours.

See you again soon! 

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