Saturday, May 28, 2011

Our learning journey continues.............

We all love the book 'My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes' and now thanks to Jude bringing along some huge ones we have.......our children hiding in boxes. Well not only hiding - you could almost say there is a mini kindergarten inside a box, as games are played, songs and stories shared and the art area finds a new home as well. Creative skills are evident as the outside is painted and doors and windows added. What is being created at the carpentry area this week? Have a look at our children at work in this area, developing their skills with carpentry tools, literacy (using descriptive language, letters for names etc)) and numeracy (measuring, counting) and experiencing a sense of achievement on completion of their projectsTinkerbell, Bella and Toby, our guinea pigs receive gentle care and loving attention. Some of our children have little or no experience with pets and animals so learning how to care and look after them and our canaries, Whistler and Michael Jackson, is important for building childrens knowledge as well as giving them confidence to handle animals. We have also been exploring the dinosaur world this week, with the discovery of 'dinosaur eggs' and 'bones' in the sand as well as learning about them through books and discussion. Thanks for visiting our blog and sharing in our learning. See you again soon!

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