Saturday, May 21, 2011

Plaster, bugs, school children, and travel...

It has been another busy week, filled with learning fun here at our place. When a child asks 'What is chalk made out of?' it is the perfect opportunity to make our own so we find our plaster of paris and set to work. It is mixed with water and colour added before the children fill the various molds ...hearts, bugs, bears, sea creatures and ice block containers to make sticks of chalk.........Our children have always demonstrated a fascination for bugs and small creatures and these are again a hot topic. With heavy rain earlier in the week the ground is wet and easy to dig so we collect some in a tray and gently trawl through it to see what can be found.........slugs, worms, centipedes, beetles.........and then we investigate how they live, what they eat, etc Mr Turnbull and his class from Concord School arrive on Wednesday morning to share stories and experiences. What great role models - sharing quiet quality time talking and interacting with our children. Thank you for taking the time to walk up that hill and visit us. Our world map/globe is out for us to check out Rarotonga (Gerry is there this week) and also Turkey (where one of our families has gone for a month to visit relatives) Safe travels to you all.

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