Thursday, August 5, 2010

Our friends the birds and more skyping!

Check out these photos for our ongoing encounters with nature and birds in our area. After initially making feeders from dripping and bird seed we have (following a parents suggestion) extended their diet with a mixture of brown sugar and water. This is so popular we are refilling their bowl twice a day. Our "City Birds' book is a constant source of interest as children use it to identify the birds they have seen.........lots of waxeyes and silvereyes and a cheeky little fantail who loves to flit teasingly just above the childrens heads. Somewhere at the back of kindergarten we have heard a bellbird but as yet he has managed to keep hidden........we will keep looking. We certainly have some enthusiastic 'birdwatchers.' Our 'skyping' continues this week with an 'online' video chat to Kate and Mia (3 years old) - from Helen's family, who live near Melbourne.

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