Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Bubble Makers

This morning we discover treasure in the sandpit.......a new bubble machine. The pictures tell the story as we put it into action and the fun begins. Watch, run, chase, stretch, reach for, catch the bubbles...........pop! pop! pop! pop! See them float away higher, higher and higher up into the sky until they disappear. Time to make more bubble mix - detergent, sugar and water - mix well and leave for 3 days then it will be ready for more bubble fun!!! Our learning continues from our 'Pirate Fun' outside in the big yellow box as we find buried treasure (just like real pirates). Bubbles provide opportunities for extending physical skills - motor development, hand eye co-ordination, a sense of fun and excitement and co-operation as children chase the bubbles together. We learn how to make our own bubble mix. And guess what else pirates do - they 'visit' to different places, just as we are doing through skype and learning about other cultures.

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