Saturday, October 31, 2009

Gardeners Galore!

Wednesday 28 October
With Spring well underway it is time to get back into the garden and plant some vegetables and of course there are many enthusiastic young gardeners ready to help. With the soil already dug over and silver beet, cabbage, corn, lettuce, pumpkin and tomato plants purchased it's time to get to work. Holes are dug, plants put in, soil packed around them and pressed down firmly and finally they are watered. It's all quite straightforward . In fact the most challenging part with so many willing helpers is to avoid stepping on the plants and each other!
As well as working together co-operatively children achieve a real sense of pride as they watch their plants grow and thrive under their ongoing care, not to mention the 'yummy' vegetables they are able to share when they are ready. Part of our kindergarten culture is to strongly encourage healthy food at all times and through growing their own vegetables children are developing an understanding of being able to do this themselves - food does not just come from the supermarket.

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