Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday 10th September

Following alongside our ‘sea theme’ I thought it would be fun to do some screen printing today with sea life cut-outs. The children really enjoyed this process and it is broken down as follows. (Also see slide show below for pictures). Step one involved the children selecting the sea creatures they wanted to print and arrange them on their page. Step two involved the children placing the screen over their page and then for the fun part.....adding the paint. You can see in the slide show pictures how the children spread the paint across the screen. Step three......once the screen is evenly covered in paint it is then lifted and the children carefully peel their page off the screen. Their print is then revealed and hung to dry. Step four, the last in the process involved the children washing the different cut-outs so they can be used again. The children worked together to wash and dry the cut-outs they used. Overall this was a great experience for all involved I must admit it took me back to some of the things I enjoyed doing as a young child. As you can see there was much skill involved in this process and it was great to see all of the children involved follow the process from beginning to end with minimal guidance from myself, I just had to try and keep up with the rapid pace in which they were producing their prints. Although the children worked independently on their pictures they had to work co-operatively sharing the paints, cut-outs and cleaning the cut-outs at the end and they all did this really well. The children explored with new and different media and produced some great prints!

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  1. Swt Jaz & Dylan getting used to sink just add dishes and I'll be set