Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Welcome to Term 3 and more learning fun at our place.

Firstly a big welcome to Trish Malthus, who has joined out Teaching Team until the end of 2011, while Gerry is teaching at Abbotsford Kindergarten.

With our Teddy Bears tucked under our arms we board the bus and head to the'Teddy Bears Hospital' where third year medical students are waiting for us. Each child receives diagnosis and treatment for their bears illness or injury and is given a consultation booklet with information from the visit.
Then we spend time exploring other hospital related activities before heading back downstairs for the bus trip back to kindergarten.
Through this excursion children are making connections to people in the community who help us and becoming familiar and comfortable with experiences they may encounter such has hospital and doctors visits. A big thank you to the 'medical team' for organising the Teddy Bears Hospital. <

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  1. Positive experiences of medicine are so important, and what a great way to do it!