Sunday, November 14, 2010

Warm weather = water + sand + sunhats + outdoor learning fun!

Our sandpit is a popular place for outdoor learning and this moves to another dimension with the addition of water to make rivers, lakes, waterfalls (and of course pools to splash and jump in)In the childrens words water makes the texture of sand change from 'dry' 'sticky' 'sloppy' 'liquid.' 'Why does it disappear into the sand instead of staying on top of it?' Not only are spades used for digging, they can also be to 'stood' in a row to be counted and identified by colour and size (maths concepts are everywhere)
When we need repairs and maintenance done at kindergarten, if at all possible we involve our children as well. This week they have learnt about repairing punctures in their bikes and how to keep the bolt in the gate working properly by cleaning out the bolt hole....ka pai - well done. And isn't great to see so many wearing sunhats. Remember - No hats = no outdoor play!

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