Friday, September 17, 2010

Beautiful - Bokashi - Bugs - Bears

We were all enthralled by the performance of the Kapa Haka group from Calton Hill School when they visited us on Tuesday. In fact as you can see the children revisited this over and over again on the laptop computer. Thank you to the school for taking the time to call in - further cultural learning for us. We are in the process of revitalising our gardens and are currently digging in our 'bokashi' compost. This 'sludgy, brown mix' has been produced from our food scraps - a fascinating, if not slightly smelly, learning experience for the children. Next step will be planting the flowers and vegetables as well as the strawberry plants and berry bushes donated by two of our families. Of course digging in the garden always leads to the discovery of 'creepy crawlies' and what better excuse to take a break - to investigate and learn more about the Huhu grub we have found in a piece of rotting wood. And to finish off a busy week we celebrated with a 'Teddy Bears Picnic' - bears, soft toys, music, stories, honey sandwiches and teddy bear treats from Jamelia's grandmother for a Friday of fun.

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