Monday, June 14, 2010

Fire Engines

Hi everyone. Kia Ora. Konnichiwa. Namaste. Ni Hao. Talofa Lava. Bonjour. Ciao. We welcome the beautiful sunshine today where we were able to continue enjoying our Active movement experiences promoting our co-ordination, balance, fine and large muscle skills, communication, turn-taking and confidence. Yippee our new bikes have arrived and we are enthusiastically enjoying these in our kindergarten environment. On Monday we also went on an excursion to the Central Fire station. Thanks to Joel and Ayden and their family for fulfilling this wonderful learning opportunity. We really enjoyed our bus trip there and learning about some of the busy things that happen in the Fire Service. We look forward to learning more about the emergency services, our community, the diverse cultures in our kindergarten community. We would love for you to share a little about yourself and/family pertaining to jobs, cultures, foods and celebrations to name a few. Here are some photos for you to enjoy... :)

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  1. wish i could have been there,lookslike everyone had a great day.Reygan Morris