Friday, May 21, 2010


As part of our ongoing committment to keep up to date with ICT our children have their own digital camera and they are learning how to use it. We start with a few basic rules - clean hands, camera strap around your neck, keep clear of sand and water..... Next we demonstrate the basic techniques of camera use.... how to hold the camera, aiming at your subject......etc. After becoming familiar with these skills children are encouraged to think about why they are taking these images, as well as identifying the learning happening in them. The next stage is downloading the photos on to the computer to view them and then printing some out to keep or even put in their profile books. For many this is a very new experience while others have well developed skills already whether it be from kindergarten or using ICT at home. Peer tutoring is very evident as we see children pass on their skills to our newer 'photographers.' Have a look at the 'picture mosaic' composed of some images our children have captured. Happy snapping everyone!!!!

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