Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Investigating Koura (Crayfish)

'There's something fishy around here' .... the children crowd around to check it out. Fish have been a hot topic recently as children continue to share their holiday experiences so this is he perfect time to investigate the crayfish which Donna has brought along for us. Using the photos of the crayfish when it was caught we are able to fit the body shell pieces together giving an indication of its size - it was certainly a big one!!!! We count the legs and antenna and work out where they were attached to its body. Many people love to eat these sea creatures, especially the tails. Some of the children recalled the crayfish they saw in the tanks when we visited the Portobello Aquarium. This 'hands on' experience gives children the opportunity to gain more knowledge of the koura. They can touch the different body parts and feel the rough spiny surfaces as well as experiencing that 'fishy smell!' (Many thought it was 'yucky!') We will further extend this learning by investigating other sea creatures.

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