Sunday, November 15, 2009

Wednesday 4th November

Motorbike Mania!
Of late the children have shown a real interest in motorbikes. Daily we hear the rumblings of motorbikes from the next door neighbours and the children race to the gate to get a glimpse of the bike making it's way down the road. Beck's our third year student did a little research and alongside bringing books and information on motorbikes into the kindergarten she managed to talk Mike one of our parents and motorbike enthusiasts into bringing his bike along to kindergarten.
Mike talked to the children about the importance of wearing the correct safety gear when riding a motorbike and the need to have a motorbike licence. The children had a great time getting up close and personal with a real motorbike. It was the talk at kindergarten for the rest of the week, the children are already asking when Mike will be back with his bike. Take a look at the slideshow which captures some of the children involved in this experience.

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  1. Dylan, a rad bike and a hot chick on the back at his age what dad wouldnt be happy about that